Everything For Art. Reconstruction of the Gallery No.1, 2017


334x586 cm

131.5x230.71 inch

Print on Canvas







"Just like everyone else I have my individual characteristics. Perception of life as a mosaic is one of these. It is not the picture that consists of many elements but life. Changes, repetitions, the feelings and expressiveness attached to everything, the surreal nature of interconnectedness, all of these elements are rendered to a huge number of picture elements that we keep on editing throughout our lives until slowly a personal picture is created – life itself.”


His most recent works depict confusion, chaos, the gradual fading and loss of content. Population is increasing, we have more and more devices, we live in a constant information overflow and yet we feel that the walls are closing on us, we understand less and less of the world outside and of ourselves.


We do not understand the world although we want to know and understand it. This is Lajtai’s ars poetica; he wants us to see deeper correlations than just the surface. He is doing sacral and conceptual art, he is committed to social criticism, his artworks are spectacular and provoking.


The title of the exhibited artwork is Everything for Art. Reconstruction of the Gallery No.1. The artist reconstructed his home and designed a large exhibition hall by taking the place of the previous small lumber-rooms. Everything is for art, everything can be art - this is Lajtai’s confession. The pictures showcase the reconstruction work.


European Cultural Centre "Personal Structures - Open Borders" exhibition, Venice 2017 (Text from the Catalogue).


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